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Just two hours from the port of Rafina, northeast of Athens, Andros is the greenest of the Cyclades islands. And it is full of surprises

Sophisticated but also rustic, mountainous but coastal, naval but also rural; the island of Andros resists the labels and rewards its visitors again and again.


Where else could you find castles and untouched beaches, rushing rivers and abandoned watermills, a museum of contemporary art and the large mansions of local shipowners, as well as well-marked hiking trails and stunning cliffs?


Enjoy the enchanting beaches of Andros

The beaches of Andros are special. Some in the north are accessible only by dirt road or boat, such as Achla, Zorkos, Ateni, Vitali, Grias and Pidima. Those in the south, such as Agios Petros, Batsi, Chrysi Ammos, Fellos and Chalkolimionas, are much more accessible by car.


Explore Korthi and other villages around Andros

East of Chora, Korthi could belong to another island. Made by the wind at the end of an open bay, this is a place for hikers and adventure lovers. From here, you can climb the ruins of a Venetian castle and from there walk to the gorge of Dipotamata where watermills once ground the wheat of Andros. Or you could circle the beautiful villages in the hills of Andros. Drive to the end of the island, where a narrow strait separates Andros from Tinos, visiting one or more of the respected monasteries along the way.

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Andros, Greece
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