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The Riviera of Epirus

Summer holidays in Greece, for most, are identical with escapes to an island in the Ionian or Aegean Sea. However, the mainland beaches of our country hide enchanting locations that promise to give you unforgettable moments.On the northwestern coastline of Epirus, overlooking its turquoise waters Ionian, the puppet Parga and the “exotic” Sivota are an irresistible duo with an island aura and cosmopolitan air, which will surely steal your heart.

Parga- A small painting!

Built amphitheatrically in the inn of a picturesque cove, where the overgrown perch islet of Panagia, protected under the shadow of its Venetian castle, the famous naval state of the prefecture of Preveza is considered by the tourists trump card of the region, but also of the whole of Greece. Go up to the old one city ​​with distinctive architecture ∙ wander the cobbled streets with picturesque arches ∙ discover the flowery neighborhoods with well-kept houses and colorful mansions ∙ enjoy it from the castle walls with  Stunning views of the town and let your gaze be lost on the emerald waters of the Ionian that are painted mauve as the sunsets. Just fall at dusk take a romantic walk on the waterfront, where they are located lined up tourist shops, stylish restaurants and bars for food or drink, overlooking the illuminated castle and the islet of Panagia.

On its dreamy beaches you will enjoy refreshing swims and water sports. The organized beaches of Kryoneri (from where you can swim to islet of Panagia) and Piso Kryoneri, located in the settlement, the cosmopolitan, all-gold sand of Valtos, the verdant beach of Lychnos with the sea caves, the bay of Ai Giannakis and the picturesque Sarakiniko with fine sand and the lush olive grove in the background, are the best choices.

Starting from Parga, we suggest a visit to the Springs of Acheron river, in the archeological site of the Necromancer, in the historic Souli, but and to the opposite Paxos – Antipaxos with boats starting from her port.

8 properties in the area: Parga

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Parga, Greece
Igoumenitsa 45 km
Ioannina 98 km
Lefkada 93 km
Athens 432 km
Thessaloniki 340 km