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A few words about Patra

Patra is an important urban center and has one of the largest ports in Greece, at a key point, which is a key channel of communication with Italy and western Europe, important both in terms of transport and trade. Through it, mainland Greece is essentially connected with Ionian islands and Italian ports on the Adriatic Sea.

It is a city that knows how to have fun, invites you to enjoy its intensity, passion and festive atmosphere all year round.

Ιt has a world-famous carnival. Patras, happy and extroverted, fun and entertaining, looks like it lives in the rhythms of the carnival all year round. Feel its energy in every corner and in the dozens of youthful and lively hangouts, cafes and restaurants. Wander around the beautiful old town and the castle built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. Explore the squares, sidewalks and bustling port that connect Greece with Italy. This city of Peloponnese, with its Mediterranean temperament, will never miss

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Patra, Greece
Athens 211 km
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