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The island of Hera and Pythagoras

On this green island at the northeastern tip of the Aegean, covered by pine forests, olive groves and citrus and vineyards, myth and history acquire a special charm. This was the birthplace of the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus. of Aristarchus, the famous astrophysicist who first set out the theory of the rotation of the earth; and the great mathematician Pythagoras. You will find traces of their presence as you discover Samos, cool, clear waters, untouched mountain villages, delicious local food and wonderful sweet wine.


Fabulous beaches

You will feel embarrassed for the riches and you will have fun looking for what you like best. Do you prefer organized or private and virgin? Huge sandy areas or familiar coves? Busy and sophisticated or remote and bring your own picnic? Sand or fine pebbles? Beaches of all types surround the island. On the north coast, you can start with the popular Kokkari and the quieter beaches next door (Lemonakia, Tsamadou, Tsambou) to Agios Konstantinos.

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Samos, Greece
Samos Airport 21 km
Athens 425 km
Thessaloniki 921 km