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In Northern Greece, based in Macedonia, there is a city like no other in Greece. Thessaloniki, a huge cultural city, where dreams, ideas, visions give their own performance. In the crowd and in the streets, you will read its history: Thermaikos gulf, Lefkos Pyrgos, Aristotelous square, Mitropoleos street, Tsimiski street, Ladadika, Agora Modiano, Bit Pazar, Ano Poli

Great attractions, cafes, bars, traditional taverns, gourmet restaurants, lively nightlife, all meet here, in the beautiful “bride of Thermaikos”. Simple and generous, it will give you its best moments.

Follow the locals to the hangouts and let them introduce you to the secrets of Thessaloniki, which without a doubt are able to satisfy all tastes. In this city of Northern Greece, entertainment is a tradition, as well as the hot soup that awaits you at dawn.

1 property in the area: Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki, Greece
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