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The famous Zagorochoria

Masterpieces of architecture, culture and history surrounded by enchanting nature

Zagorochoria is a complex of stone villages, masterfully constructed bridges and monasteries between the mountains. This is a sacred and seductive destination for all ages. You will see the rare beauty of the area by walking in the gorge of Vikos, looking at the impressive peak of Mount Astrakas and listening to the gentle roar of the river Voidomatis. And you will feel it walking in the mysterious fog of the villages, visiting the old monasteries and churches, or just relaxing by the fireplace in a hostel.

The enchanting places

  • Bikos Gorge is a rift in the earth that can only be created by a divine hand. The narrowest part of the gorge is 1,100 meters wide and its depth reaches 900 meters. It is the kingdom of eagles, rare medicinal herbs and steep vertical rocks, which start from the bridge of Kokoros and end at the bridge of Aristi. Going through is a life experience.

  • Big and Small Papigo. Night. Your footsteps resonate in the cobbled streets and the moonlight bathes Astraka, which rises high above the villages of Megalo and Mikro Papigo. The light in the windows of stone houses warms the cold darkness. The smell of burnt wood from the fireplace evokes childhood memories. You are already dreaming of magical nights in your stone villa, with a fireplace, a carpet and a comfortable bed. You look forward to sitting in a traditional tavern, enjoying handmade savory pies, hot bean soup with fresh bread, grilled meat and a few glasses of red wine. In the morning you will walk the path that connects the two villages, admiring the incredible architecture and the old churches. Unsurprisingly, these two villages are the most popular winter holidays

  • The “Drakolimni” This alpine lake of Drakolimni is amazingly beautiful. A mythical dragon is hiding in its depths! The route to reach the mythical Dragon Lake leaves you speechless, oaks and mountain cypresses in the lower part of the trail, seem to be trying to compete in height with the surrounding mountains. To reach the lake, leave 2-5 hours of hiking from Mikro Papigo.

  • The majestic ‘towers’ of Astraka. The most wonderful mountain of North Pindos is Tymfi. One of its peaks is Astrakas, with an altitude of 2,436m. To the south of the peak are horizontal huge rock formations, the famous “towers”, which connect it with the gorge of Vikos. Only “awe” can describe the feeling as you look up at Astrakas, especially in winter when the snow decorates its slopes.

3 properties in the area: Zagorochoria

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Zagorochoria, Greece
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