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Halkidiki,Toroni| Seaside Parcel 25.500 sq.m.

sqm 25.500 m2

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The property is located in the wider area “AFISIA” area of ​​the community SARTIS, at the end of the peninsula SITHONIA the closest to MOUNTAIN…

It consists of 12 acres, which are divided into 3 plots of 4 acres each. It is 1800 m away from the community of SARTI. Sarti is connected to Thessaloniki and its airport by an excellent road network (140 km).

The access is made either from the N. side of the land of SITHONIA (via Ormos Panagias – Vourvourou) or from the N. Plevras via Marmara – Toroni. The north side is a pristine area with excellent beaches and private harbors. The most famous beaches are Karydi beach in Vourvourou, Zografou beach, Armenistis, Kavourotripes, Platanitsi, which is the closest known beach to the estate.

The location and the view from the property is amazing. The property is located on the highest point of the asphalt and is an amphitheater – it ends up to the sea, has a private natural bay in the shape of a heart and because it is windless, it is a great port for mooring private boats. The estate is lush green with dense vegetation (pines and wild olive groves).

It has the advantage and while it is located on the main road to be accessed, through a private forest road, 300m long. resulting in visual and acoustic isolation while it is next to a highway.

It is only 1800 m away from Sarti, which makes it accessible even by road. The view from the estate – oriented east – is excellent. It faces the proud characteristic peak and the whole sacred peninsula of Mount Athos. It is the closest end of Sithonia to Mount Athos.

At the beginning of the estate and at its connection with the main artery there is a widening with built-in seating areas and stunning views of the Platanitsi coast (one of the most beautiful coasts of Greece, Sarti was voted with its beaches in the 10 best beaches in Greece, 2006).


The village itself, Sarti, resembles a Greek island, has an extensive beach with fish taverns, shops, markets, antiques, gifts, etc. The climate of the area is dry and therefore well tolerated even in 2-3 months of winter. At a distance of 20 km is the bay of Panagia in Vourvourou from where the cruises to Mount Athos begin.

Remarkable is the existence of a settlement of university professors with ideal building specifications (villas harmoniously scattered in a pine-covered area of ​​400 acres) a model of a model settlement on a pan-Hellenic scale.

The N. side has remained untouched by the intervention of the human factor for the reason that it belongs to the Monasteries of Mount Athos and in fact,  the beaches are part of them. N. Plevra has the bay of Toroni (the deepest port that served as a submarine base…) and the famous hotel complex of Porto Carras with a casino, organized marina,…. courses of international standards.


  1. Immediate neighborhood

The estate is surrounded to the north and east by a communal pine forest area. To the east is the sea and to the east is the sea and to the west with others, it is the first in the sea with a private bay that creates 2 openings in the shape of a heart. Depending on the winds in winter, one beach has less sand while the other newer one is sheltered, which can only be reached from the sea.

To the north, it overlooks Platanitsi, to the east Mount Athos, to the south the beach and the settlement of Sarti. It has electricity and water supply.


  1. Possibility of property expansion

In a radius that approaches the borders of Sarti, this area is 220 acres and consists of 4 peninsulas, 6 bays, 1 marina (which is granted to the fishermen of the area). The landscaping of the lands, bays, hills, common forest areas in combination with the private ones that are intervened, the correlation of the altitudes, enable the possession of an area of ​​220 acres, in fact,to manage an area of ​​over 3000 acres with mild interventions, such as walking paths, corridors and paths, paths, kiosks, leisure kiosks, light light sports, sports, etc.

With the possibility to develop a unit along the marina while the rest of the bays and peninsulas house private villas with excellent facilities and isolation by any means of mooring private boats.

It is a paradise integrated wit a plethora of green and blue competition with the background of the “Orchard of the Virgin”: THE HOLY MOUNT

Δ. Building Conditions Building

For a single property of 12 acres, building capacity 0.018 = 2160sq.m.

For fragmented properties of 4 acres each, building 186 sq.m. Home use.

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Access: Από άσφαλτο


Person in charge

Christos Kefalas

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    The area

    Toroni, Greece {Property distances}
    Sea 50 m
    City Center 80 km
    Village 2 km
    Hospital 40 km
    Airport 125 km
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