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Aktio, Aitoloakarnania | Parcel 34.000 sq.m

sqm 34.000 m2

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In Aktio, Aitoloakarnania, a unique plot of land 320 meters from the sea is for sale. It has access from the Aktio-Amvrakia highway. Distances: It is 700 meters from the Preveza-Aktio submarine tunnel, 700 meters from Aktio Airport PVK, 6.7 km from Preveza, 12 km from Vonitsa, and 18 km from Lefkada. The location of the plot is suitable for multifaceted use cases such as boat parking, car rental companies Rent a car, and much more. The plot is located on the west side of Aktio, is flat and overlooks the stunning sunset of the Ionian Sea. Connected: with the international road E55 Igoumenitsa-Preveza, with the Ionian highway A5 and with the Amvrakia highway Aktio-Amvrakia A52 which is connected vertically with the Ionian road. Construction: builds 6,800 sq.m. for professional use. It has a frontage of 230 meters and BF 0.2. CF 10%. Building height 7.5 meters. 1.5 roof. Number of floors: 2. A unique plot-land suitable for shipbuilding facilities as the area is a place for the development of shipbuilding facilities for boat storage and repair.


Note: There is a possibility that the address of the property deviates from the real one.

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Christos Kefalas

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    The area

    Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece {Property distances}
    Από Θάλασσα 320 m
    Από Μαρίνα 500 m
    Από Πόλη 6,7 km
    Από Αεροδρόμιο 700 m
    Από Νοσοκομείο 6,7 km
    The area