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Tropical beaches, impressive rocks, seas with olive groves and friendly ports are just the beginning of your experience in perfect Paxos and their impeccable little island brother, Antipaxos.

Whether you arrive by sailboat, speedboat ,or ferry, you will be enchanted by these two small, emerald islands in the Ionian Sea. The white sand beaches in both Paxos and Antipaxos (or Paxos and Antipaxos, as they are also known) are legendary and behind them stretches a grove over a grove of age-old olive trees, dense vineyards and untamed nature that pours to the water’s edge. Meanwhile, the sunset from the white rocks of the Hermit must be seen to be believed and exploring the caves and hiking in search of historic reservoirs are a must-dos. This pair of tiny islands in the Ionian Sea will be etched in your memory forever.

Relax on the most enchanting beaches

You will find the translucent water and the whitest sand on beaches in both Paxos and Antipaxos. The most famous beaches you will find are Orkos in Paxos, Vrika and Voutoumi in Antipaxos.


Antipaxos, Greece
Igoumenitsa 42 km
Preveza 126 km
Ioannina 118 km
Athens 510 km