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Real Estate Appraisal

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Real estate appraisals are made either for the purchase, sale or lease of a property.

Another purpose of an appraisal is to become aware of the investment Value of the property.

Determining the value of a property is required for those who need financing by a credit institution (Bank).

Also, for companies that have in their assets (fixed assets) real estate that wish to know their net worth by valuing their properties.


Value4Greece undertakes the appraisal:

1) Of tourist properties-hotels, Boutique Hotels so that the investor is aware of its commercial value.

2) The appraisal of Listed Buildings in collaboration with an engineer since they need special technical knowledge.

3) The appraisal of commercial stores.

4) The appraisal of Residences-Detached Houses-Apartments.

5) The assessment of Coastal holdings, private islands.

6) The appraisal of Offices.

7) The assessment of Industrial and Craft sites.