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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

The use of the present website is subject to the following terms.
It is pointed out here that the visitor – user is obliged to study, comprehend and accept all the terms of use.

The terms of use constitute the contract – agreement between the visitor – user and Value4greece regarding the use of the website. In the case that the visitor – user does not agree with the terms of use of the website, he must not use the services and content of the website.
It is stated that Value4greece has the right to change the contents of the website at any given time, without any warning. There is also no requirement for a notification in the case of suspension of the website’s services for technical or other reasons.

Consequently, before using the present website, the visitor is required every time to read and abide by the following terms. The Personal Data Protection Policy and the Cookies Policy are both essential parts of the terms of use of the website.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

The contents of the present website (photos, logos, texts, videos, graphics, charts etc), with the sole exception of the intellectual property rights of third parties mentioned explicitly, are the intellectual property of Value4greece (Copyright © Value4greece 2020).

The use, repost, reproduction, storage, copy, distribution and sharing of all photos, advertisements, publications or other announcements, or parts of them, for commercial reasons, without the written approval of the website’s owner is strictly forbidden.

3. Links to other websites

The website includes links to third party websites. The supply of these links from Value4greece does not equal the approval of their contents and Value4greece does not bare any responsibility regarding the availability or the contents of these websites, or for any potential damage caused by the use of their contents.

The links are provided exclusively for the facilitation of the users. The users visit the websites at their own risk.

4. Constitution of Contracts

In order for us to provide our services, the clients has to visit our premises and sign the pertinent contract. The expression of interest from the visitor/client for our services or our information is required via the internet, telephone or through an electronic correspondence. Nevertheless, the expression of interest from the visitor/client for our services or our information does not equal automatically the acceptance of this service from our side. For this purpose, the constitution of a written contract with our office or the acceptance of the expression of interest via e-mail, signed fax or signed letter is required.

In any case, we maintain the right to deny the provision of a service and that without any cost, even if we have agreed to provide this service to the client, in the case that the execution of this service could potentially endanger our lawful interest, third parties’ rights, or in the case that the requested service is illegal.

5. Limitation of Liability

Value4greece always strives to provide valid information regarding its properties and always checks the information provided by the sellers and renters at its best efforts, but does not bare any responsibility regarding the validity, marketability or adequacy of the websites content for any use or purpose. It is noted that the energy efficiency certificates accompanying the available properties are indicative. The agency does not bare any responsibility for the accuracy of any property’s location description or for the potential change of any property’s details.

Furthermore, the agency is not responsible for any form of damage caused to the visitor – user from using the present website or for any potential malfunctions linked to the user’s software or the network’s availability. Moreover, the agency does not guarantee that the website and any other internet site, from which the visitor – user receives any pertinent content, is malware-free. The responsibility of the reconstitution or amendment of such problems is exclusive to the visitor – user.

Furthermore, the agency does not bare any responsibility for any damage caused by any property transaction. Specifically, our agency is not responsible for any real or legal fault of the presented real estate property, since the exclusive responsibility remains to the property’s owner.

Additionally, we bare no responsibility for the case that any features of the property are absent. The agency is not responsible for the legal and technical control that is potentially performed on the properties by a collaborating lawyer, nor is it responsible for any potential technical, typing or grammatical errors regarding the prices or features of the products.

Finally, we renounce any potential responsibility regarding lawyers, accountants, engineers or other professionals that we propose to our clients.

6. Visitor– Client Content provided to the website’s manager

Any kind of content (photos, texts etc.) provided by the visitor/client to the control of the manager for the purpose of advertisement, promotion or other activity relevant to the real estate profession, is always considered to have been given with his permission.

7. Personal Data – Cookies

The management and protection of the visitor’s – user’s personal data falls under the terms included in the section «Personal Data Protection Policy». Moreover, the installation of Cookies is described in detail in the relevant section («Cookies»).

8. Jurisdiction – Responsibility

For any judicial difference that might occur regarding the application or interpretation of the above-mentioned terms, it stated that the Greek law is the applicable law. The courts of the city of Ioannina are the responsible executing courts.

9. Communication – Newsletter

The use of the present website gives us the right to communicate with the visitor – client, when they have provided us with their contact information, each time we deem that this action is necessary regarding to ongoing transactions.

More specifically, the oral or written expression of interest by the client, allows us, apart from simply contacting them, to propose them via e-mail or via any other available medium, additional real estate properties and other relevant services based on their preferences.

Moreover, the visitor – client, upon submitting his information, accepts to have promotional – informative newsletters, corresponding directly or indirectly to his interests, sent to him.

10. Visitor – Client Declarations

The visitor – user declares that all information provided by him during the use of the present website are precise and true.

The user – visitor is responsible for the amendment of Value4greece or any cooperating business and professionals for any damage caused by inaccurate or false information. By using the present website and/or its services, the visitor – clients ACCEPTS unconditionally the contents of these terms and the contents of the annexes linked to these terms.

11. Useful Information

11.a. The information contained on this site is based on information that we consider reliable, but since it has been provided to us by third parties (sellers-lessors) we can not say that it is accurate or complete, so our company is not responsible for the accuracy of the location description of the properties, or for any change in their details.
11.b. Furthermore, the company is not liable for any form of damages suffered by the visitor due to its navigation in this website.
11.c. Our company is not liable for any real or legal defect of the indicated property, since the respective owner remains solely liable.
11.d. Our company is not liable for the legal or technical inspection of the properties that may be carried out by a lawyer or engineer or notary public working with us, nor is it responsible for any technical, typographical or spelling errors in the prices or characteristics of the properties.
11.e. Finally, we shall have no liability arising out of any suggestion of lawyers, engineers, notaries, accountants, insurers or other professionals to our customers.