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Discover more than 2,000 properties throughout Greece
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Real Estate Insurance

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Value4Greece, following a systematic market research and for the benefit of its customers, has selected the most specialized company in the global and Greek market in real estate insurance, offering complete and flexible market programs, insuring and ensuring your property in the best possible way.

Legal Protection for Property Owners.

Legal Protection for Property Lessees.

Legal Protection for the insurance of short-term leased properties.

Home Insurance Program

Insurance Program for main and secondary home with the best combination of coverages: fire, theft, earthquake, pipeline breakage.

VIP housing insurance program in tourist islands in Greece with high value content.
Rental apartments Insurance Program.

Works Construction Insurance: the program provides protection against sudden or unexpected damage that will occur during the execution of projects.

Business insurance. Whether your company is commercial or industrial, we provide you with a comprehensive protection with a number of coverages and benefits.