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Get to know Greece

Greece is located in southeastern Europe at the meeting point of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. The total area of ​​Greece is 131,957 km2. It has 16,000 km of coastline and 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Ionian and Aegean Sea, most of which are gathered in groups: the Ionian Islands (Lefkada, Corfu, Cephalonia, Zakynthos, Paxos, Ithaca, Kythira). Cyclades (Naxos, Andros, Paros, Tinos, Milos, Kea, Amorgos, Ios, Kythnos, Mykonos, Syros, Santorini (Thira), Serifos, Sifnos, Sikinos, Anafi, Kimolos, Antiparos, Folegandros, Makronisos,Poliegos, Iraklia, Gyaros, Keros, Renia, Donousa, Therasia, Schinoussa, Antimilos, Despotiko, Ano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi, Delos) and the Dodecanese (Rhodes, Karpathos, Kos, Kalymnos, Astypalaia, Kasos, Tilos, Symi, Leros, Nisyros, Patmos, Halki, Saria, Leipsoi, Pserimos, Agathonisi, Levitha, Kastellorizo ​​(or Megisti), Syrna, Alimia, Arkoi, Nimos, Telendos, Kinaros, Gyali, Farmakonisi) and Crete.

More about Greece

1. Climate

Greece’s mild Mediterranean climate is ideal for accommodation all year round. Greece is one of the top travel destinations in the world with thousands of sandy beaches, awarded every year with a blue flag, having turquoise-crystal clear waters. The wealth of archeological treasures and museums of world renown, combined with the beautiful mainland with its traditional villages, stone houses, the Mediterranean diet and age-old olive groves, that are surrounded by lakes, rivers and mountains, in combination with the culture and Filoxenia of Greeks, differentiate Greece and make it a 12 month destination, making your stay enjoyable.

2. How to get there

Easy access throughout the year, having 39 operating airports, 16 of them located in Mainland Greece and the other 23 in the Greek Islands.

3. Languages

Greek is the official language of the country. The inhabitants almost everywhere speak Greek as their mother tongue, while in the big cities and tourist resorts English, French, German and Italian are also spoken.

4. Local Cuisine

Greek cuisine is mainly Mediterranean using local products such as Greek olive oil, that is considered the best in the world, FETA cheese, olives and Greek yogurt. The so-called sweet preserves are also Greek desserts. Tsipouro, ouzo, Chios mastic and tsikoudia are local drinks.

5. Currency

Greece uses Euro as its currency.

6. The coasts of Greece

Greece has one of the largest coastlines in the world with16,000 km that branch off to countless coastlines, beautiful small beaches, charming coves and bays.

The Ionian and Aegean Archipelago form a water “embrace” in which the mainland lands up and the vastness of the Greek islands spreads around.

The Greek coasts are world widely known and extremely popular, as they are famous for their cleanliness, the transparency of their waters and their unique diversity. In our country you may enjoy free beaches having a length of many kilometers, windless small bays and coves, sandy beaches with sand dunes, pebbled shores, coastal caves carved into steep cliffs, beaches paved with the characteristic dark sand of volcanic terrains.