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Discover more than 2,000 properties throughout Greece
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Real Estate Management

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What is Real Estate Management

Real estate management is the set of actions required to optimize the operation of real estate, maximize their value and security, while minimizing the total operating costs and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations of Greek law. Real estate management is basically the core business of the company. All services function supporting this core service / business and can simply stand alone for those customers wishing so.

What are the classes of real estate that we manage

1. Management of real estate of expatriates / foreigners
2. Management of retail stores
3. Management of corporate buildings
4. Building maintenance

Why contact a Property Management Company

It is not always easy to manage a property, to satisfy the wishes of the lessees or to collect the rent on time. For this reason, more and more property owners are choosing to contact a real estate management company. This helps you earn more from your property and increase your income.