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Discover more than 2,000 properties throughout Greece
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Real Estate Maintenance

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Real Estate Management

Value4greece will provide you with a competitive package price to maintain your property in excellent condition on an annual basis with no hidden charges.

Each package is different depending on the house, the frequency of visits, whether there is a swimming pool or not.

While we have carefully selected each package, we are at your disposal in order to create a package meeting your own requirements.

Above all, you may be sure that your house or property investment will be maintained with care while being in safe hands all year round.

Our Customers:

  • Greek expatriates abroad having real estate in Greece.
  • Greeks whose residence is far from their place of residence, in urban, mountainous, traditional areas throughout Greece.
  • Houses or villas for long-term lease for utilization.
  • Maintenance of real estate and real estate of foreigners who have properties in Greece.

Join us to choose together the package that suits you:

Residence maintenance packages.

1) Standard

2) Silver

3) Gold

4) Platinum

In addition to the maintenance of your property, also undertakes the management of your property.