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Discover more than 2,000 properties throughout Greece
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Real Estate Construction

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Real Estate Maintenance

Value4greece undertakes and implements in the most professional way the construction of your property, in collaboration with the most famous, recognized and award-winning architects in Greece and Abroad and in combination with reliable civil engineers recognized by the local market is able to execute the your most demanding projects.

Our long experience, high professionalism, and our selected partners have attracted customers from different countries, gaining their trust and fulfilling their dream of a home in Greece.

In addition to the construction, our company offers you complete real estate maintenance packages.

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Real Estate Maintenance


Steps for the construction of the property

1) Real Estate land purchase

2) Design and development of a project in 3d or model

3) Building permit issuance with all the required supporting documents and studies for the building permit

4) Property construction

5) Real Estate management and utilization

6) Real Estate maintenance