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Among the other islands of the Ionian Sea stands the beautiful Kefalonia.

Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian islands, is famous for its emerald mountains, turquoise waters and dazzling Ionian beaches.

Take a walk in the capital of Kefalonia

Next to a deep bay, Argostoli has a natural beauty, as you sit in the busy central square with the locals. Enjoy a unique walk in the market, take a walk on the beautiful cobbled streets and drink the famous wine of Kefalonia in the cozy cafes and bars.

As you explore, you will find remnants of the 19th-century British Protectorate in Kefalonia. And for an in-depth introduction to island culture from the 15th to the 20th century, visit the excellent Korgialenio Historical and Cultural Museum, one of the best in Greece, and the extensive Korgialenio Library. The main settlement of Kefalonia will add a cultural feeling to your vacation.

Explore the enchanting beaches of Kefalonia

Myrtos, perhaps the most impressive, is located at the bottom of   limestone rock. But do not miss Petanoi and Skala. Or Poros, where the forest is reflected in the Ionian, intensifying the color. Makris Gialos, whose turquoise waters rock in the music of beach bars, gives a cosmopolitan touch. And Xi, where the light green waves meet the fine red sand, offers an unforgettable change of pace.

Their waters cover the whole range of blue and green, spread on clean white sand or smooth round pebbles.

Beyond the serenity of the glittering blue and green of the sea, you can feel the infinite power of nature everywhere. At one end, there is a small cave with its own small beach. And if you are here tonight, you have a bonus. Looking west, Myrtos rewards you with magical sunsets. red sand, offers an unforgettable change of pace.

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Kefalonia, Greece
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