The supporting documents that the owner of a property must have:


  • Tax information for the sale of real estate.
  • Insurance information and certificate of non-debt from the competent IKA department, only in case the seller maintains a commercial enterprise or is a legal entity of any form or participates in a company of any form in any capacity.
  • Certificate of non-debt of the real estate tax (TAP) from the Municipality to which the property belongs. In order to receive the ARF, the owner must submit it to the competent department of the Municipality,

-Recent proof of PPC

-property contract

However, in case the transferred property is a plot of land without a building, no ARF is required.


  • The property titles of the property he sells can be a contract for the purchase of the property or the acceptance of inheritance in case the property came into his hands as an inheritance.
  • In case the property has fallen into the hands of the seller from a donation of parental inheritance after 31/12/1989, then a certificate from a competent TWO is required ‘that the donation / parental benefit/inheritance was declared respectively and that no tax is due.
  • The certificate that the property has been transferred to the mortgage office at the time of purchase by the current owner.
  • Cadastral extract that certifies that the property is timely registered in the file of the National Land Registry. The KAEK that is mentioned quite often, is the special 12-digit number that each integrated property has, the digits of which identify each and specific information e.g. Prefecture in which the plot, Municipality or Municipal Department or Community is located, the “cadastral sector”, the “cadastral unit” and the serial number of the plot within the unit.


  • Responsible statement (certified by the competent TWO) stating that the property in question is included in statement E9.
  • Responsible statement also considered by the competent TWO that the seller of the property is not obliged to declare a large real estate, or in the opposite case where he is obliged, a corresponding certificate that the declaration has been submitted.
  • Responsible statement to the competent TWO that the property in question during the last five years did not bring income to the seller. In the opposite case where the property was rented, a corresponding responsible statement is needed to the competent TWO that the property brought income and that these are included in the income statement submitted by the seller.
  • Certified copy of the building permit by the competent town planning if the property was built after 14/01/1983, otherwise a responsible statement of both the seller and the buyer is required that the property has been erected before this date.
  • Certificate from the competent Municipality that there are no overdue debts of the property for the contribution to land and money.
  • The certificate that the Single Property Tax (ETAK) has been paid
  • In case the transferred property is a plot then a topographic diagram is needed with statements of L.651 / 1977 and L.1337 / 83 by the engineer who drafted it.
  • Permission of the Perfect when the property is located in an area that is classified as a border.
  • From 01.01.2001 an Energy Efficiency Certificate is required for each property with an area of ​​more than 50 sq.m.