The main elements that the tenant and the property owner must keep in mind are:

1. In residential leases the amount of rent is freely adjusted and binds both parties.

2. The residence lease is valid for at least three years and if a shorter or indefinite period has been agreed.

3. If the contractual period is less than three years and there is no rent adjustment agreement, for the remaining year, until the end of the three years, the rent paid is increased annually by 75% of the cost of living index    given by the National Statistical Service of Greece for the immediately preceding twelve months.

4. The landlord has the obligation to deliver to the tenant the dwelling suitable for the agreed use and to maintain it properly during the lease.

5. Advance rent is allowed only for the current month.

6. It is forbidden to pay more than two rents. The guarantee is returned to the tenant after the end of the lease.

7. The landlord bears the burden of the lease.

8.The landlord reimburses the tenant for the necessary expenses he has made on the lease.

9.The tenant is not responsible for damage or changes due to the agreed use.

10.The delay in the payment of utility bills has the effects of delaying the rent.

11. The fixed-term lease expires as soon as this period has elapsed without requiring anything else.

12.The lease of indefinite duration, after the lapse of three years, ends with a complaint of the landlord or tenant.

13. The lessee has no right to leave before the expiration of the lease. In case he wants to leave, he is obliged to pay the remaining rents, something that the landlord may demand with a lawsuit.

14. The lessee is not obliged to pay the rent if he proves in court or out of court that he was not granted the use or was later deprived of it, that the use of the rent poses a significant risk to his health or that of his neighbors, if he is a civil servant and transferred and generally if he invokes a good reason or serious breach of the lessor.

15. At the end of the lease, the tenant is obliged to return the house to the condition in which it was received.

16. From 01.01.2008 the stamp is repealed n.3522 / 06 par.4 of article 3, Government Gazette 276/B/06. The abolition concerns only the residences, the stamp of the professional lease is still 3.6%.