This regulation now determines in mathematical form the maximum permitted construction, while changes are foreseen at the end that will burden the building permits for construction in off-plan areas, the amount of which will range from at least 250 euros with a ceiling of 5,000.

Specifically for the period of the transitional period until 2022, when the abolition of the building with a derogation in plots of less than 4 acres has been institutionalized, it is provided that:

  • For plots of at least 2,000 sq.m. The maximum permitted the construction of the residential building and the total floor area may not exceed 186 square meters.
  • For plots from 1,200 sq.m. and up to 2000 sq.m. the allowed construction is limited to 136 meters from 150 sq.m.
  • For plots of 750 sq.m. up to 1,200 sq.m., the allowed construction is reduced to 86 sq.m. from 100 sq.m.

The specific fee is set at 5% of the cost of the contractual budget of the project or 5 per thousand in case a detailed budget is used (instead of 5% of the cost of a building permit, which is valid today) and is attributed to the Green Fund for financing actions outside the project areas due to the burden of the environment from construction.

In addition, limits are set so that this fee can not be less than 250 euros or more than 5,000 euros, something which according to the opposition serves large buildings.

It is also foreseen that the properties included in an area that has been designated as a Controlled Development Zone for residential or other land uses, will participate with a land contribution as well as with the payment of cash in the creation of common areas and other public uses.

It is also planned to build tourist accommodation with up to 150 beds in areas of general residence determined by the existing urban planning, even if the area has been urbanized.

At the same time, industrial and handicraft installations, as well as low and medium nuisance environmental infrastructure, packaging and processing of agricultural products, are allowed in designated traditional settlements of Pelion.